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Terminate Agreement Polski

If the promises are broken, I will plead for the denunciation of the agreement as soon as it is reviewed. Jeeli obietnice zostané z`amane, opowiem sié za wygaszeniem umowy w momencie przeprowadzania jej przegl`du. The agreement must be time-limited and be held responsible for an immediate termination if an obligation is not met. Umowa musi byé ograniczona w czasie i mo`liwa do natychmiastowego rozwiézania w przypadku niespenienia kt`regokolwiek ze zobowi`za. Or they negotiate a termination contract if that`s what you want. I expected him to return these items to Louis Davendale when he signed the termination contract later this year. EU law provides that the procedure may be closed in the event of a withdrawal of a case, unless such a termination is not in the community`s interest. Przepisy UE zak`adajé, ée w przypadkach wycofania skargi post-powanie moe zostaé przerwane, chyba é e takie przerwanie post-powania by`oby sprzeczne z interesem Wsp`lnoty. Under the termination agreement, HP was not able to develop or sell an iPod competitor until August 2006. The report accused the Ministry of Education of a confidentiality clause that held much of a termination agreement resulting from public disclosure.

In December of that year, he left Christie`s on a termination contract that provided him with US$8 million over two years, provided he did not commit “any significant breach of its obligations.” Some of them may have been strange to have been compensated before signing a termination contract. On two subsequent occasions, the Commission proposed to Mr. Taylor a financial termination agreement, subject to the signing of a confidentiality agreement. Bell explained the long disregard for work and the family reasons for the reciprocal termination agreement. Goldman received $355 million from Constellation in a termination agreement after fierce competition in the energy markets weighed on Constellation`s shares. Unfortunately, it was not possible to vote in favour of denouncing the agreement. Niestety nie byo opcji, eby g`osowaé za rozwi`zaniem umowy. The labour code sets the rules for the termination of employment contracts. Zasady rozwi-zywania umw o prace uregulowane sé w Kodeksie pracy. umorzenie (w post-powaniu karnym), ustanie, zako-czenie, termination: wypowiedzenienigesetze Kondigungsfrist: ustawowy termin wypowiedzeniatermination by notice: rozwiézanie za wypowiedzeniemtermination of the employment umowy o pracetermination of an employment contract by termination: rozwié umowy o pracé za wypowiewie of a legal person: ustanie osoby prawnejtermination of a legal relationship: zako-czenie stosunku prawnegotermination of the offer: wyga-niécie derelity derbindung of the parents of the parental custody.

: pozbawienie praw rodzicielskichtermination of parental rights: pozbawienie praw rodzicielskich the rental contract: zako-czenie stosunku najmutermination of a right: przedaw herenie prawatermination of sentencening: przedawnienie wyrokowaniatermination without notice: rozwiézanie bez wypowiedzenia The same company applies different standards for breaks, lunch breaks and layoffs. Ta sama firma stosuje rene standardy dotyczéce przerw, przerwy na lunch i okresu wypowiedzenia.

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