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Omda Agreement Mumbai Airport

At the same time, we need better monitoring and constant review of projects to ensure they achieve the goal behind the PPP model. The Kelkar Commission also found that airports have collected many PPP resources and proposed a single regulatory structure for the notified sector. In the aviation sector in particular, it is important to make a clear distinction between all air and non-aeronautical services. The Key Infrastructure Development Group (KID) was created for infrastructure development at various airports operated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) through private public participation. The KID Group was tasked with supporting the Ministry of Civil Aviation in selecting private joint venture partners for the development, operation and management of selected airports operated by AAL, based on the Indian government`s decision. The KID Group also assisted the Ministry of Civil Aviation in finalizing various transaction documents for the implementation of Greenfield Airport projects in Devanahalli, near Bengaluru and Shamshabad, near Hyderabad, as well as in the restructuring and modernization of Delhi and Mumbai airports by the Private Partnership public. Over the next few years, DIAL should be able to provide adequate infrastructure for the expected number of RCS and GA/BA flights. While it is important to exploit and develop all land resources in India to the best of its ability, DIAL has sufficient ground for the expected and un anticipated growth in traffic. The NCAP 2015 project indicates that MoCA would work with airport managers and the IAA to ensure an adequate allocation of space at Indian airports for SCA.

It is hoped that MoCA and AAI`s review of the DIAL master plan will be closely reviewed to ensure that the evolving infrastructure requirements for RCS and GA/BA are properly met pragmatically and cost-effectively. Unlike the country`s current adequacy in Delhi, the restrictions imposed by the MIAL on land availability are well known. At the time of OMDA`s signing in 2006, the Mumbai International Alternative Airport was scheduled to open by 2017. This second major airport near Mumbai is still a distant dream. This is why it is important that existing rare surfaces are used optimally and flexibly within MIAL to ensure that a reasonable infrastructure is in place for RCS and GA/BA operations. MoCA and AAI need to review MIAL`s current master plan to further reduce the infrastructure already totally inadequate for GA/BA. While in Mumbai there would be challenges until Navi Mumbai arrives, all parties involved must strive to revise MIAL`s master plan in a transparent and commercial manner. The MoCA plans to drive the growth of Scheduled Commuter Airlines (SCA) for efficient regional connectivity.

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